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26 Maret 2021


Young visitor is a group with significant value in contributing the existence of museums in Indonesia. By pointing teenage visitors as the main visitors, not only raising the number of museum visitors but also clarifying the possibility of museum preservation for the near future. Using survey method and focus group discussion, this study is aiming to describe museums elements and objects that fascinate and attract people, how they feel after visitation, and what museums have to realize to face the future. Data was collected from 315 college students, whom had visited museum less than a year, and aged between 20-25 years. Content analysis showed that: firstly, respondents are attracted by the existing collections, interested by the information or story-telling of the collections, and only few of them claim to be attracted by the interior and how the collection displayed. Second, respondents felt happy, felt bored, and only few felt proud of their country. Third, respondents ask for improvement in media and technology display of the collections, more fascinating themes and better building design. The result showed that respondents realized that museum has an excellent collection, but it’s not enough to attract them to visit the museum. These finding also suggest that although respondents felt positive emotion toward their visit, the need for reformation and renovation, especially in the display methods, preference for a modern and interactive delivery methods in information and story-telling of the collections and a nicer overall museums atmosphere, are actions that urgently needed to attract young visitors

Judul Buku : Narasi Journal, 2015, ISSN 1411-0482
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